Helluva Boss Twitter Ep 5 (Critical) — Oh, Heaven is Here, if you want it

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Something I have found popping up across critical posts of Helluva Boss is typically people wanting to write off/rewrite Stella to not be an abusive character. Typically this is coupled with villainising Stolas because 'he broke her heart with his cheating'.. I've just had a lot of people in Tumblr critical spaces for Helluva Boss get.

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Hello Tumblr! 💖 Welcome to my new blog! The name is. well, you can call me Admin for now. I've yet to come up with a new alias for this blog. (Maybe you can leave me suggestions?) So, @i-really-hate-vivziepop recently deactivated. Which I found quite sad as a follower from the beginning.

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Constructive criticism of Helluva Boss So I was wondering if anyone here have some genuine criticism about any flaws of Helluva Boss. Heres some what I have found: - There is a lot of inconsistencies in the writing - The choppy frames issue despite the amount of monthly subs with no transparency to why its happening

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Hi, everyone, and welcome to my Tumblr page. 😈 My name is Helluva Hater, and I am a professional hater and critic of Vivziepop, specifically her show Helluva Boss.On this account, I will discuss the show in a critical and (somewhat) mature manner with my gorgeously sharp wit and objectively correct views (as of the time I'm writing this, I actually posted a review of one of the episodes.

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PROS: - Fizz and Ozzie were adorable and I honestly love them. Despite the sex jokes, you can tell they love each other for who they are OUTSIDE of sex. While I did wish we would have seen more, (like how Ozzie took him in and fell in love) they're still adorable to watch. They're the better version of Stolitz, can the show be about them instead?

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♡ In terms of because, for one thing, Similar to the first two, I feel this beautifully ♡ I know , but with the small tweaks that were made to this one (, all of them give a more clear indication (at least to me) that like its original.

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So I drew with the colors with the stars and the purple cloud in the sky and Stolas holding the book with magic sorry I mess up my drawings and I was busy working, and so I colors it today and hope you like it. Yeeeeee so I made "some" more HelluvaBoss Ocs XD So say hi to Skylar, Vivienne, Simon, Finny and Jax UwU.

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What are some common talking points in the (Helluva Boss) critical community that you disagree with? Huh. Y'know, I never really thought about it. I guess one thing I can disagree with is Beelzebub and her as a character. I remember someone saying that they don't like that she's a party girl with a friendly personality. They thought it.

Helluva Boss Twitter Ep 5 (Critical) — Oh, Heaven is Here, if you want it

I rewrite helluva boss scenes. Log in. Helluva Boss Rewrite @helluvabossrewrite45

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Helluva Boss and Hazbin Hotel pull from a long list of sources when it comes to world building and they all contribute to criticisms of the execution. TLDR : Vivziepop pulls from varied, disparate sources, and does not integrate them in a logical way, making the world of Helluva Boss/Hazbin Hotel an even larger mess.

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the newest Helluva Boss was actually pretty decent & enjoyable, but the reworking of the narrative to paint Striker as a bigoted "supremacist" gives off some pretty uncomfortable classist undertones.. i felt like i was watching upper class propaganda when i was watching this episode helluva critical vivziepop critical helluva boss.

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JUST. HELLUVA BOSS! -and from that I mean: The show is awful beyond repair, and what we talk about now is just a repeat of what we've said before to the point of burnt out when we already know how this season ends. The show has bad representation, we get the point. Move on. -and number two. THERE ARE PEOPLE IN REAL LIFE GETTING HURT RIGHT NOW.

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#helluva critical #helluva boss criticism. somelosercritiques. Follow. I'm sorry but the fact that Stolas literally threw his entire family away for a dude that doesn't like him is really funny. Like yeah Stella is shitty but dude had a whole ass child and was like "dick from a man who I haven't seen in decades is more important than my own.

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When Helluva Boss does it everyone likes it. For example, the Swearing and Sex jokes. When Velma does it, people say that they swear and do sex jokes for no reason and it ruins the mood. But when Helluva Boss does it (Which keep in mind, 90% of the dialoug is sex and swearing.) It gets praised. Just wanted to point it out.

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vivziepop is an anti feminist. flat out despises women and worships men (but only if they're cis). she calls women she hates "bitches" and "cunts" and it bleeds into her incredibly misogynistic humor and writing. she's made comics defending catcalling women and transphobic caricatures of people she dislikes. she thinks trans men are "women with.